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Moner Attwa is a basketball enthusiast with a great deal of love and respect for the game. Moner enjoys playing pickup games and watching the NBA, where his favorite team is the Chicago Bulls. Mr. Attwa is also a huge fan of Michael Jordan, as he believes he represents the pinnacle of both talent and dedication to hard work and personal improvement.

When Moner is not busy playing or watching basketball, he enjoys spending time with his friends and loved ones. He is involved with his orthodox church and speaks about how getting in touch with church communities can be a great way to contextualize one’s faith, connect with like minded people, and give back to those who are less fortunate.

What Life Lessons Can We Learn from Basketball?

Moner Attwa

Moner Attwa enjoys playing and watching basketball for a variety of reasons. Playing the game is a great way to stay in shape, meet new people, and really get in tune with your competitive side. Watching allows the opportunity to take in the spectacle of professional sports by witnessing some of the best talents in the world go head to head.

Regardless of if you are playing or watching the sport, Moner mentions that there are dozens of life lessons that we can take away from basketball. Here, Mr. Attwa includes a few of his favorites.

Hard Work Pays Off

We talk about “talent” a lot when it comes to basketball and sports in general, but the fact of the matter is that hard work will almost always come out on top. To take it a step further, many basketball players who are recognized as the best of the best have a history of hard work that backs up their supposed talent. Michael Jordan famously practiced five to six hours per day in the “Jordan Dome”. Kobe Bryant was famous for the 666 workouts, where he worked out 6 days a week, for 6 hours a day, 6 months a year during the off-season.

Hard work really helps players take their game to the next level, and this principle remains true even in simple pickup games. Those who practice their game more often are constantly evolving, growing as players, and learning new things that will help their performance.

Losses Are a Part of the Process

Losses never feel great— it doesn’t matter if you are an NBA superstar or a pickup player. In the famous “practice” interview from Allen Iverson after a tough loss to the Celtics, AI spoke honestly on the realities of losing games like that. “I’m upset for one reason: ‘Cause I’m in here. I lost. I lost my best friend. I lost him, and I lost this year.” The interview perfectly showed how losing important games can weigh heavily on even the best players. AI had lost one of his best friends to gun violence and had lost in the first-round of the playoffs, which included a 33-point blow-out in the decisive Game 5. NBA superstars are not shielded from the emotions of a loss and their own life difficulties. To add insult to injury, they have to face interviews about practices and trade rumors, deal with their losses as a team, and stay motivated to come back stronger in the face of it all.

Moner Attwa

When it comes down to it though, losses are a part of the process. We are all human, and we will certainly not win every game we play. What we take away from a loss and how we work to prepare ourselves to do better can define our experience with the sport. Losses are not a waste, they are an opportunity to learn, reflect, and grow.

There is No “I” in Team

We have all heard this one before, and for good reason. The importance of teamwork in team sports cannot be overstated, as we must work together to succeed. Basketball players learn pretty quickly that, even if they are the best on the court, there are nine other players in the game that have their own major impact on the trajectory and momentum of the game. Being a selfish player or failing to lift your teammates up puts you and your whole team on a fast track to losing. By internalizing that there is no “I” in team, players are able to put their pride aside and take advantage of opportunities for collaboration to achieve their goals. Sure, sometimes there will be moments where you need to take the ball alone to the basket for a quick two, or make the decision to shoot the three yourself, but this should be because it will help your team- not because you personally want the limelight.

The Value of Health

Moner Attwa

Health is wealth, especially if you want to be able to play sports. Basketball involves a lot of cardio, and it can be impossible to keep up if you are not in tune with your health. This means trying to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and overall paying attention to your body’s needs. NBA players who are at the top of their game have private chefs, nutritionists, personal trainers, and a lot of other resources to make this process easier. If you are a pickup player, there are still many ways that you can work towards better health so that you can continue to play the game you love at your best. Watching your diet, staying hydrated, exercising off the court, and being sure to stay up to date on your medical checkups can go a long way towards enjoying playing basketball, even as you get up there in age.

There is Always More to Learn and Improve On

One thing that pickup players and NBA stars have in common is that they have never truly perfected their game, which is because doing so is simply impossible. A life lesson that we learn from any sport is that there is always going to be more to learn and improve on. It’s why some of the best players in the world practice for hours every day and why we can play thousands of pickup games and never see all that there is to see.

By recognizing that there is always going to be more to learn, one comes to the understanding that perseverance is key. Staying the course, playing out games even when they are tough, and reflecting on previous games even when it hurts helps refine your skills as a player.

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Moner Attwa

Moner recognizes that investing time into one’s hobbies and interests is an excellent way to build a more well rounded life and truly enjoy free time.

As a fan of both playing and watching basketball, Moner Attwa is a proponent of contributing to conversations on the sport. That being said, readers can expect that this website will include high-level content that explores the ins and outs of basketball and more.

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